VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 V2 - Border guards

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VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 segway self-leveling vehicle on 21-inch wheels dedicated to border guards

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VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 V2 - Border guards

VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 V2 - Border guards

VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 segway self-leveling vehicle on 21-inch wheels dedicated to border guards

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Based on the VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 vehicle, vehicles dedicated to customers, such as for example for the Border Guard, are built. Such vehicles receive additional equipment. The vehicle presented in the photos additionally uses:

- side cases

- blue LED flash lights

- megaphone with sound signaling

We offer other vehicle modifications on request


This is the third modernized version of this series. It uses the latest technological solutions. Modern Li-Ion batteries were used to power the engines (2 x 2000 W). This allows you to recharge your vehicle at any time without risk of deterioration of the battery's condition. The newly designed charging system allows you to quickly charge the battery - in approx. 3 hours from 0% to 80%. The modern slope control system ensures easy movement without the risk of falling. Very large 21 "wheels with special tread are suitable for difficult terrain. All these solutions allow using the Velex model OFF-ROAD X2 series not only in places with an ideal surface. OFF-ROAD X2 is used in public order services (police, city guard, security), meetings and company events, in advertising (e.g. fairs), sightseeing tours and many other places..


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The VELEX OFF-ROAD vehicle is fundamentally different from the popular segway solutions. The principle of operation is similar but the construction is different. Using the popular language, VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 vehicles are "PANCERNE" solutions. Great resistance to damage is caused by:

- steel housing protects the vehicle against mechanical damage (most vehicles of this type have a plastic housing)

- lubricated steel gears in an aluminum housing are responsible for power transmission (many vehicles use plastic gears)

- so-called 'vandal-resistant' driver detection sensors minimize the risk of failure

- large 21 "wheels allow you to overcome various obstacles without major obstacles.


- High engine power guaranteeing stability and driving safety (total power 4000W)

- Large 21 "wheels allow easier movement in difficult terrain

- Durable metal housing protects the vehicle from damage

- The easily removable steering wheel without tools makes it easy to transport the vehicle

- Easy access to technical and service support (manufacturer's website in Poland)

- The vehicle can be adapted to the customer's needs by the manufacturer

- Built-in LED lights at the front and rear of the vehicle

- LCD display with vehicle functions.


 Światła w VELEX OFF-ROAD X1 V1 - pojazd typu segway 

- high engine power - 2 x 2000W

- high voltage large battery 72V / 8.8 Ah (634Wh)

- high load capacity - driver weight up to 150 kg

- wheels with a diameter of 21 inches

- quick battery charging - approx. 3 hours

- large range on one charge - up to 37 km

- built-in front and rear lighting powered from the main battery

- easily dismantled steering wheel

- LCD display of system parameters



VELEX OFF-ROAD vehicles use, among others:

- Airport Security Guard - Warsaw Chopin Airport

- Customs service - Chopin Airport in Warsaw

- Military Units

- Academy of Land Forces

- Shopping Malls - in Bielawy, Bonarka in Krakow, Wołomin, City Park in Poznań

- Security companies - PAO, Solid, Major, CUSTOS, Raptor, VANGUARD

- Marketing companies

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Maximum speedabout 20 km/h
Dimensions92 x 55 x 100 cm
Range37 km
Maximum slope of the sitedo 30 stopni
Weight52 kg
Maximum load150 kg
Lightingfront and rear (STOP function and direction indicators)
Battery - typeLi-Ion
Battery - constructioninternal
Battery - capacity [Wh]720
Engine (nominal power)4000W
Charging time3 h
Othercolor LCD display, locator optional

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VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 V2 - Border guards

VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 V2 - Border guards

VELEX OFF-ROAD X2 segway self-leveling vehicle on 21-inch wheels dedicated to border guards

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