VELEX model CITIS CS1 version RENT

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VELEX electric scooter version RENT with replaceable batteries V2

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VELEX model CITIS CS1 version RENT

VELEX model CITIS CS1 version RENT

VELEX electric scooter version RENT with replaceable batteries V2

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Two-wheel electric vehicle type scooter Velex model CITIS produced in Poland is a product designed to move around the city. Thanks to the classic scooter design with electric drive, this vehicle can be used by anyone. To power the engine located in the rear wheel hub (1200 Watt) a modern replaceable large Li-Ion 60V / 20Ah (1200Wh) battery was used. 18 "wide wheels with a width of 24 cm make small irregularities not a barrier to CITIS. With a range of from 35 to to 75 km on a single battery (they can buy two interchangeable batteries) VELEX CITIS series is used in many places for individual movement.

See a detailed description of the various functions:

1. Lighting


The VELEX CITIS model in the COMFORT version has full lighting built-in:
- daytime running light - LED ring in the front lamp
- traffic light in the front lamp
- rear red traffic light
- red tail rear light
- rear turn signals

2. Travel comfort


- front wheel hydraulic shock absorber
- rear wheel on the swingarm with shock absorber
- two mirrors

3. Battery(es)


The scooter is a high-capacity power supply with a 60V / 20Ah battery easily replaceable located under the seat. The battery is secured with a key lock. After unloading, the battery can be easily removed for charging and the other can be switched on. 

4. Brakes

Both front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, when pressed, disconnect the drive and allow braking quickly

5. System "For KIDS" /optional/ 

The system works by modifying the electronics of the on-board computer scooter. After switching to the "For KIDS" mode, the driving parameters of the scooters change and are as follows:
- maximum speed: limited to about 25 [km / h]
- maximum torque: limited to approx. 55 Nm
- maximum engine power: limited to approx. 250 [W]
This mode is intended for:
- for riding by children from 10 years who have a bicycle card
- for driving on public roads - a vehicle with such parameters is not classified as a moped so it can be navigated legally on public roads as well as a bicycle.
The system is activated by a special service key. After switching off this function, the scooter goes into the normal operation mode and reaches the maximum driving parameters

6. Anti-theft protection.


To use the vehicle you need to have the right key to the ignition. The vehicle also has a built-in anti-theft system in the form of an alarm. The user can lock the vehicle using the remote control provided with the vehicle. Moving the vehicle when it is secured by an alarm system activates a very loud audible alarm and blocks the rear wheel which additionally prevents the vehicle from being driven away.

7. Locator GPS/GSM /optional/

Lokalizator w hulajnodze elektrycznej VELEX

An additional way to secure the vehicle against theft is a GPS / GSM location system. Vehicle location system using GPS and GSM to determine the route of the vehicle and the place where the vehicle is located at a given moment. Other options are:

- speed limit alarm
- low battery alarm
- movement alarm
- the ability to set the zone
We can receive information by SMS or email.
The advantage of the system is that in the absence of a GPS signal, the locator uses the GSM signal to the location so that we can practically always see where the vehicle is.
The annual subscription is about PLN 200

Maximum speedabout 45 km/h
Dimensions175 x 75 x 70 cm
Rangefrom 35 to 75 km
Maximum slope of the siteto 18 stopni
Wheel base140
Weightabout 60 kg
Maximum load150 kg
LightingFront: road, rear: road, stop, direction lights
Battery - typeLi-Ion
Battery - constructionremovable
Battery - capacity [Wh]1152
Engine (nominal power)1200W
Brakesfront and rear hydraulic
Charging timeabout 7 godzin
Depreciationfront and rear
"For KIDS" systemoption
OtherOptional: For KIDS system, GPS locator, extra battery BOX, shopping cart on the steering wheel

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VELEX model CITIS CS1 version RENT

VELEX model CITIS CS1 version RENT

VELEX electric scooter version RENT with replaceable batteries V2

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