E-roll VELEX HoverShoes H1

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E-roll VELEX HoverShoes H1

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E-roll VELEX HoverShoes H1

E-roll VELEX HoverShoes H1

E-roll VELEX HoverShoes H1

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The Velex online store presents modern VELEX Hover Shoes H1 electric rollers. It's a solution for more advanced riders. They differ significantly from the hoverborad board, which is definitely an easier vehicle to drive. In hover shoes we have two independent devices. The manufacturer provides a connector to facilitate driving lessons. After the first rides with connected vehicles, we go to professional driving. In order to acquire skills enabling efficient movement, we will need some training. But once we master it, we will feel incredible fun from driving.

VELEX Hover Shoes H1 e-electric rollers VELEX Hover Shoes H1 e-electric rollers

The manufacturer has built-in folding handles for transport. The charging port and the switch are protected against dust and water.

VELEX Hover Shoes H1 e-rollers. VELEX Hover Shoes H1 e-rollers

VELEX Hover Shoes H1 e-rollers work thanks to the built-in electronic gyros. This device detects how we distribute our body weight on a roll. When tilting forward or backward, we automatically shift the center of gravity, and the system that constantly monitors it, sets the roller in motion depending on the degree of swing.

E-rollers have built-in LED lighting, especially well-presented in the evening (e.g. in a city skate park). In addition, to diversify the ride, we took care of equipping them with a Bluetooth module. So you can connect e-rollers to your smartphone, and the built-in speakers will allow you to "roll" on the rollers to the beat of your favorite music.

Our electric rollers can be used both for fun (for example, riding a slalom between bollards) and for moving on a paved level surface. There is also a group of highly professional users who perform various roll evolution. Such users compete with each other, and the winner is the one who presents the ride in which there will be more different types of difficult to perform sequences. If you want to try such fun you can now buy e-rollers online or visit us in person at our Electric Vehicles Salon. The prices are the same.

Maximum speedok 12 km/h
Dimensions260 x 160 x 130 mm
Range10 - 12 km
Maximum slope of the site10 stopni
Weightok.2 x 3.5 kg
Maximum loaddo 100 kg
Wheels3.5 cala
Battery - typeLi-Ion
Battery - constructioninternal
Battery - capacity [Wh]2 x 72
Engine (nominal power)2 x 500 W
Charging time2 - 3 godzin
OtherSzczelność IP65; wbudowany system bluetooth,


super rozwiązanie. Małe więc wszędzie można zabrać. Dobrze, że w komplecie był wałek łączący je razem - do nauki bardzo przydatny



    Super zabawa. Jeździ się rewelacyjnie

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      E-roll VELEX HoverShoes H1

      E-roll VELEX HoverShoes H1

      E-roll VELEX HoverShoes H1

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