VELEX brand belongs to a private family business. The first vehicles were built in 1975. This was an offer of vehicles filling the market gap and included farm tractors and small go karts. Since 2009, the first works related to electric vehicles have started. The first official product of the VELEX brand is the VE mini model, a small four-wheeled vehicle of small size (2600 x 1260 x 1400 mm) driven by an electric motor 6 KW. Because such vehicles failed to market enough to start serial production, the project stopped at the prototype stage.

In 2013 work on a two-wheeled self-leveling vehicle started. The inventor of this type of vehicle is American inventor Dean Kamen who popularized such vehicles as SEGWAY.

Already in December 2014, the VELEX OFF-ROAD X1 was honored with the Jurassic Product of the Year 2014 award. VELEX self-balancing two-wheel vehicles are the latest technology. The VELEX engineering team has developed a power supply system, a control computer, and uses the latest batteries, making VELEX the industry leader in this class of equipment.

Constant work means that vehicles are constantly improving. Engineers also work on different special versions tailored to specific needs. VELEX X1 has won the award in the LEADER OF EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT LEADER in the category of product deployed, for hire or for prolonged periods of continuous work between charges.

Since 2016, the offer has been extended to electric scooters. This solution allows you to easily and quickly move around the city and is less demanding for the user than the self-balancing vehicles..