Who can drive a 2-wheel self-leveling VELEX vehicle?
The VELEX two-wheeled self-balancing vehicles have been designed so that everyone can use them. The user must be able to enter and exit the vehicle (this skill is comparable to entering and leaving stairs without a handrail). The user must weigh between 20 and 120 kg and may take around 20 kg of luggage (there are changes depending on the model). Vehicle manufacturer VELEX recommends that unattended drivers have over 16 years of age.
How do you drive a VELEX 2-wheel self-leveling vehicle?
Moving the vehicle forward and backward means moving the center of gravity forward or backward respectively. For turning to the sides we have a steering wheel which tilts respectively to the right or left.

Where can you drive VELEX vehicles?
Currently in Poland there are no regulations governing the movement of two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicles. It is recommended to use bicycle paths and roadways - the right edge (conditionally from the pavement).

At what speed can VELEX go?
Depending on the model, the maximum speed of self-leveling vehicles is 16 to 20 km / h and the electric scooter is about 35 or 45 km / h (with the "For KIDS" system is about 25 km / h). Most VELEX vehicles have two or three switchable speed ranges, which makes it easier to learn how to ride.

What is the maximum range of VELEX vehicles?
Range varies for individual models and usually ranges from 30 to 50 km for self-leveling vehicles and for electric scooters up to 100 km or more (depending on the model, driver's weight, type of road, etc.).

How long does it take to load VELEX?
Depending on the vehicle model, charging may take anywhere from 3 to 10 hours. Currently, each model has Li-Ion batteries used, which allows recharging vehicle batteries at any time without having to unload them to zero and only recharge. Recharging batteries in VELEX vehicles does not reduce the efficiency or durability of batteries and is the right way to use the vehicle.

Is it possible to use VELEX during rain?
Do not drive VELEX vehicles during rain. You should wait out the rain and continue the ride as the rain stops. Velex vehicles on request can be protected against water flowing from any direction. These vehicles have passed tests for dust penetration and splashing, reaching the IP54 protection level.

How is VELEX secured against theft?
A standard vehicle always has at least one lock to protect against the use of the vehicle by unauthorized persons (key, remote control or alarm). On request, on some models, it is possible to secure the vehicle through the built-in GPS locator system.

In what colors you can buy VELEX vehicles
VELEX vehicles are offered in the basic version in black and green. The manufacturer offers vehicles in other colors at an additional cost.

Can you drive a Velex electric scooter on public roads?

We already have an option adapted to legal driving on public roads.
We invite you to watch the movie in which this issue has been elaborately explained.